A need for comfort and calm?

Spiritual healing goes far back in history – from as early as 1000 B.C. according to some anthropologists. So it is interesting to see that, in our most frenetic, high tech era, it is becoming more and more sought after.

Spiritual healing can be a powerful therapy and has been used very effectively in the Hospice environment as well as in a more general context.

Its purpose is to restore balance of mind, body and spirit. The healer is merely a channel for the healing energy to flow through to the person who needs it.

I spent several years at a Healing Centre and qualified with the Essex healers. This provided a walk-in facility for members of the public to gain healing and support.

I have found the development of healing skills to be a perfect complement to the practice of kinesiology…helping treat the whole person more effectively.

It’s good to remember that all of us have the potential to be healers and that help is there if we want, and know how, to ask for it.

Healing #01

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