What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology (pronounced kin-easy-ology) is a natural holistic therapy, which aims to re-balance us on all levels: physical, chemical and emotional.

A kinesiologist assesses the whole person by a system of gentle muscle testing – i.e. by monitoring your ability to hold your muscles strong against light pressure. Each muscle is believed to correspond to an organ and also to an energy pathway, called a meridian.

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How does it work?

According to the principles of kinesiology, a block in the energy pathways indicates an imbalance, and may be addressed by using a number of tools, including:

Nutritional supplements and diet

Bach and Bush Flower remedies

Various stress relief techniques

Gentle structural realignment


Chakra balancing

Suggested lifestyle changes

What happens in a kinesiology session?

At the initial consultation, you will be asked for details of your medical history – illnesses, past injuries, allergies etc. If you are taking any medication or supplements you should bring these with you.

Next, you will be asked to lie down, fully dressed, on a treatment table and we will systematically muscle test each energy circuit.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a trial of strength! Your ability to hold strong when light pressure is applied is not an indication of how physically fit or toned you are.

How long does it take?

Your first session will be the longest, as it involves getting to know your medical history, your current concerns and what you would like to achieve with kinesiology. So, about 1.5 hours.

Subsequent sessions last approximately 1 hour.

How long before you notice a difference?

The majority of my clients feel that between 3 and 6 sessions gives them the results they desire.

After that time, most like to have a routine balance once or twice a year… a bit like an MOT for your car.

Is kinesiology for you?

Only you can answer that question of course, but below I have listed a selection of conditions that clients have asked me to help treat, and continue to seek to relieve through kinesiology.

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Acid stomach

Allergies and food sensitivities

Anxiety, depression, phobias

Arthritis and joint pain

Back pain

Breast pain


Candida, thrush, bloating


Digestive disorders






Irritable bowel

Migraines and headaches


Sinus problems



"I am more than pleased to offer a personal testimonial for Marilynn Hansen and the effectiveness of kinesiology.
I suffered a whiplash injury at the age of 19. ... by the age of 54 (my current age), I was becoming more disabled and the degree of pain was increasing. ..... if I was to continue working and living with any decent quality of life, then another means of management would have to be found. The view of the various consultants I had met at the Hammersmith Hospital, London, was that there was only one way to deal with it and that would be surgical removal of part of the bone. .... this year, when I had my first appointment with Marilynn Hansen. I had no previous knowledge of kinesiology and no anticipation of what to expect. ..... I could no longer do the things I enjoyed – gardening, walking my dog – and the prospect of having to leave work due to disability loomed, adding financial fears to the rest of it. ... When I arrived for my first appointment in May, things were pretty severe. ... At the end of the session, I had been talking to her for about five minutes before I realised that I was sitting upright on the coach with no discomfort whatsoever. ... I was completely amazed, as I had not felt such ease in my upper body for over fifteen years. When I left the consulting room, I almost floated down the street. ... Subsequent sessions have revealed various food allergies and avoiding these whilst using supplements/flower essences prescribed by Marilynn has enabled me to lose weight without effort and my energy level has increased tremendously. I have resumed my dog-walking and gardening activities ... All in all, I feel twenty years younger! ... I cannot endorse too strongly the dynamic and vital healing process that is kinesiology. I believe I am a good example of what positive outcomes are possible when this art is applied by a talented and experienced practitioner and I thank Marilynn for her skilled and sensitive work."
Cherri Lewis, London

"I have been suffering with "IBS" for the last six years and until I came to see Marilynn, I was told by GPs and specialists alike, that it was just something that I would have to live with. Marilynn provided me with new hope that this wasn't a condition I would just have to put up with, and after seeing her for just six months - I honestly feel like a new person. My health has improved enormously, as well as my emotional wellbeing. It is like holistic therapy. It really helps me to understand myself better. Each time I see Marilynn, I come back feeling revived, with a new energy in me, and people around me notice it. I wholeheartedly recommend Kineseology with Marilynn to everyone, even if you don't have a specific condition that you are looking to treat - it just makes you better, in every sense."
Heta Shah, London

Marc trained with us in 2008. He writes:

"I work as a Personal Trainer, Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner in London. I came across Systematic Kinesiology a few years go through a colleague who was using it successfully with clients. I subsequently looked into Systematic Kinesiology, what it actually did and its benefits. I researched which courses would benefit me and after attending a 2 day workshop run my Trevor Gale, an ASK tutor, decided to complete the ASK Foundation Course.
The course tutors, Yvonne and Marilynn were excellent. The course was very thorough and gave me the confidence I needed to practice my newly learned skills with my clients. I found the class ratio and information made each workshop day enjoyable, intense and effective and would recommend this course and the tutors to anyone serious about learning Systematic Kinesiology.
Although I had a background in human movement/science I felt that the course content was structured so that it would be accessible for those who do not necessarily work in the health arena. Both Marilynn and Yvonne were very helpful in spending time on any areas any of us in the group found challenging.
In summary I believe it is a thoroughly worthwhile course for both professionals and those with a keen personal interest in health and wellness."
Marc Faupel
Exercise Specialist
Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach
Advanced Metabolic Typing Advisor
Cert. ASK

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